V 1.02 Bug fix

There's a scene where Ozymandias and M-Oshana go into the admin offices and have a conversation about Intrepis's next project and M-Oshana's involvement. Due to a boolean value not getting reset, you could only follow them into the office during the first cycle. In ensuing cycles, the door remained closed to players. Now you can follow them during any cycle as was intended. 

Also took this opportunity to fix a typo in the script--just before the scene described, Ozymandias called M-Oshana "Maxine," which was her placeholder name in the first draft of the game. Now he calls her M-O as intended.


EIALinux1.02.zip 250 MB
Nov 09, 2019
EIAMac1.02.app.zip 248 MB
Nov 09, 2019
EIAWindows1.02.zip 248 MB
Nov 09, 2019

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