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This game is GORGEOUS. and so, so cool. I had such a great time wandering around and piecing the story together. Thank you for your work!

I talked about Even in Arcadia in my video this week, if anyone reading through the comments is interested:

what a cool idea dood i feel like a real cheesy cheese

I played this game a few years ago. It was so unique and has defiantly stuck with me. A very interesting world to explore and fascinating characters to meet. I like how you can wonder around and get different parts of the story. The feeling of everything being a magazine cutout brought up nostalgia feelings from making art from magazines as a kid. Cool experience! Thank you <3 

I tried playing this a few months ago and after the first few minutes I realized I needed to set some time aside to truly engage with it. Just did so today. It's great! Very much in the vein of what I imagine interactive theater to be (my anxiety stops me from going to any real life interactive theaters!). Piecing together the people and story and choosing who to follow really adds a lot to the piece. Through the first cycle I actually thought Lio was somewhat sympathetic if deluded by a corpo mindset, but as I followed him through the next couple of cycles I just... God. These characters are really well-written!

I also really love the collage aspect of the thing. Is it bad that I immediately recognized where Ozymandias' legs come from? Either way, the collage aspect makes it feel even more like a play? Like you dressed up a set and these are all actors that are dressed up to clearly indicate their archetypes.

Thank you for making this!


Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. And recognized Ozzy's legs ^_^ I deal with anxiety too so it's also quite touching to hear that you got to enjoy this game even though you might not be able to enjoy the kinds of immersive theater experiences that were a big inspiration to me when making it. Thanks so much, really <3

Hey, super excited to try the game, but when I just downloaded on Mac, getting a "can't be opened" error

Of all the games I played this year, this one captivated me in a way that nothing else did, and I'm still thinking about it months later. After playing it, I felt inspired to make my own game.

Thank you! I'll look forward to playing your game someday!

Really enjoyed playing this game. Congratulations on creating it. Loved the story and the repeating cycles. After the first cycle, the questions I had really pulled me in for another cycle and then another. 

This is a great game, it's very fun stalking different people around.


Very beautiful game, engaging mecheanics, well developed characters you care about. A+


a very refreshing and interesting game, I agree with one of the other comments that mentions it feels like walking around a good theatre production.

Thank you! I'm so happy you enjoyed it :)


What a game! This felt like a good theatre production. The players actions are largely limited to the choice of who to observe--nonetheless, this was the most engaging walking simulator (sorry--dérive enabler!) I've played in a long time.

The story was intriguing, and the 30 minute cycles seem to flash by as I tried to piece together the plot. Ultimately, I wasn't able to come up with a complete casual chain of events (perhaps an inherent limitation of a narrative without beginning, middle, or end), but I did meet a host of interesting characters!

Above all, what's stuck with with me is the world: a fun, fantastical, and deeply fashionable dystopia that hit me close to home. The world feels much bigger than the game, and if it was your intention to pose a cliffhanger, it's a roaring success. I'm curious to know what lies outside the doors of the gardens, and I'd be excited to see anything more you make in Intrepis Interplanetary's universe!


Thank you soo much!! That really means a lot! I have thought about returning to the world of Arcadia in future projects, and have some ideas about other stories in that universe, so it's definitely a possibility :) 

This game blew my mind! I had no idea what to expect and was ready for like a 20 minute session on a Sunday morning and it ate the majority of my day. Really loved the writing, the character design, the whole concept, and stellar execution. 

This just warmed my heart thank you so much!! 💖💖